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My Approach


I’ll get to know you and your business. Understand the challenges you face, your specific needs and overall vision and goals for your business. Everything we do together going forward will support your vision.


Being an aesthetic with a keen eye for detail and sparks of creativity, I’ll collaborate with you on your projects and make sure they run as smoothly as possible.


With your design projects taken care of, you can focus your attention on your strategic goals to enable your business to grow and scale.

My Values and Beliefs


I believe in honesty, transparency and integrity. When you work with me I’ll always conduct myself and our work together with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.


I believe in fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and sharing. I’m an excellent listener and welcome feedback at every stage of working on a design project. I’ll always share ideas and information freely with you and your team.



I value freedom and independence as I’m sure you do. Let’s work together to fulfil our dreams and goals as we can accomplish so much more together. And, let’s have some fun at the same time, otherwise what’s the point!


Schedule a complimentary Call

Schedule a call or fill out my contact form and we’ll discuss the vision you have for your business and projects, and work out the best strategy to get you where you want to go. Once you’ve made an appointment, I’ll send out a brief questionnaire so I am fully prepared to discuss your project when we have our 1 on 1.


Work out a price

Once I understand the scope of your project and you want to move forward, you’ll need to pay a 35% deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. Then 50% is due at the start of the project, and the final 15% is due when the project is complete but before the final files are handed over.

If you have on-going project requirements, we can discuss setting up a retainer agreement for a specific amount of hours per month. Payment is required in full prior to any works starting.

Start Your Project

I work via on online project management tool called Asana.  This ensures that all communications are via one portal and your project is tracked and under control at every step of the process, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Once payment has been received, we’ll set up a kick-off meeting to start the ball rolling and you’ll receive a welcome email which outlines how we can collaborate in Asana (don’t panic, it’s very simple!).

Following our 1-1, I’ll create a project plan which outlines the project, milestones, due dates and what is required at every stage until completion.  You’ll know exactly what is needed at every stage of the project.

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